We’ve all read the articles, examined the stats and seen the tweets from our freelancer, or business owner friends who have started the work day from the safety of their bed or a picturesque village coffee shop.

Despite remote working becoming a standard practice amongst digital workers, some of us are still sceptical. By nature human habits are hard to change, so if you’re not convinced just yet then stay put. We wanted to share with you reasons why remote working can be a healthy change for you and your team.


The perks.

It’s becoming increasingly easy to work away from the office, helping many to save both time and money that can be lost during hours of commuting. Companies that embrace remote employees are no longer restricted to hiring from their local area and employee’s are no longer automatically faced with relocating their entire lives for a position. This is down to continuing advancements in technology’s which allow for better communication and collaboration. Teams can be just as cohesive and hard working, distance no longer has to factor into this as a problem.

Why you should give it a try.

It’s become increasingly clear that working remote appeals to more and more employees and It can help you retain staff.
People enjoy the flexibility. This may seem obvious but in an increasingly competitive marketplace, offering such a perk can set you above other competitors. While happier staff will be reflected in the success and drive in all areas of the business.

Long commutes aren’t good for you.

This probably isn’t a new fact but generally, it’s believed those who have longer commutes are less satisfied and more anxious about work. Their day is negatively affected by the journey and by removing this issue, people feel more positive about their work / life balance.


It’s refreshing.

A choice about how their day is scheduled, how long they’ll work for, where they will work and how. According to Robert Gorby “Choice is very important. There shouldn’t be a compulsion to work in a certain way.”

It can give you the flexibility to get your work/life balance back in order.

This new found flexibility enables remote workers to work hard and cultivates their own interests, leading to a more satisfied individual. By putting scheduling into your employee’s hands and removing the stress of commuting, projects often get completed quicker as individuals become more driven to work when they set aside work time.

A change of scenery can help people stay productive.

Sometimes it’s assumed that because remote workers don’t work the structured 9-5 days we’re all used to, that perhaps they aren’t putting in the same work. Instead remember that because they don’t have the same restrictions from being stuck in an office, they actually could get more done. Their work is easily accessible, so committing a few extra hours here and there is more common. With less stress, more flexibility and trust, your employee’s productivity levels will soar.

Remote workers are less stressed.

Now I realise this is a sweeping statement after all everyone experiences things differently. However giving people a choice to work remotely can empower them. By providing people with the opportunity to work in a way that suits them, you could find that not only do productivity levels rise but so does a new wave of motivation.



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Posted on January 17, 2020 by Sean Miller