Video 1 – Setting Up

Get started with customizing your deal stages, with Tubular, learn more about forecast labels and probabilities and deal decay to optimize your first web-session with Tubular.

Video 2 – Dashboards

Get familiar with the dashboard, filters, quick actions and the sort button so you can navigate the Tubular dashboard like a pro

Video 3 – Overview

Take an overview of Tubular and see how you can use tags, forecasts and filters to covert leads into Sales.

Video 4 – Task Triggers

Create and customize task triggers and sequences with to-do’s as you move your prospects through your pipeline.

Video 5 – Task Reports

Get a breakdown on your task reports and see overdue, due and complete tasks against the metrics of your pipeline activity.

Video 6 – Manage Leads in Tubular

Learn everything there is to know about nurturing your leads into deals, utilize tags, email, timeline and templated emails to make sure you stay engaged with your...