Introducing the all new Smart Notifications.

Coming soon!

From next week onwards you’ll start to see our new smart notifications appear by your profile picture in the top navigation bar of the Tubular Webapp. Look out for the orange badge which will display the number of new notifications you have. Click on the badge and a list of your latest notifications will appear in a dropdown. 


We’ve included notifications for the following activities:

Deal Stage Update
Notification of stage updates within a particular deal and who in your team updated the deal.


Completed Tasks
Notifications whenever a team member completes a task with the associated deal.


New Comments
Notifications of who has added comments to a specific deal.


New Notes
Notification of who has added a note to a deal.


Comments that have been “liked” by other team members.


As well as notifications in the Webapp we have also setup push notifications on all of the above for both Android and iOS native Apps.

Never miss a beat when it comes to managing your sales pipeline.  

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Posted on August 10, 2019 by James T W