When it comes to building your business, one of the key routes to success is through generating sales leads. Ultimately, sales leads are your life blood; without them, you won’t be generating revenue. This is something we understand well at Tubular. There are many types of sales leads, ranging from hot to cold, and how quickly you’ll be able to close these sales will often depend on what level of influence the buyer holds in a company or over the budget.

If you’re struggling to generate new leads (including online leads where more about that can be found on how to generate leads online blog), there are some key things that you can look at doing to help your company. These don’t have to be difficult to do…

Mailing lists

Firstly, look at your e-mail newsletter mailing list. This is a set of individuals who all have the potential to become customers. The fact they are on your list in the first place and you have direct access to them means you are already half-way there. It’s then time to reach out to them with sales-driven copy that has some kind of draw or incentive. This can be through discounts or limited-time offers.

If those on your mailing list are existing customers, this doesn’t mean you should strike them off as sales leads. In fact, chances are they will be an even warmer lead as they will have already trialled your service and have a level of trust in your products.

Press strategy

Another key area of generating new sales leads is through your press strategy. This can include reaching out to bloggers online to collaborate on content about your products or services, but also offline in reaching out to journalists in print publications. Typically this is done through a press release; however, the media get sent hundreds of these each day so it is crucial that whatever you send over is attention-grabbing, easy-to-read, unique and interesting. Your USP should be immediately obvious.

Directory services

Listing your business in a directory can be a great way of getting new sales leads, although it is reliant on other people finding you. It can be an easy way of doing this though, as it doesn’t require any maintenance from you and can just be left to manage itself. Alternatively, you could go through directories yourself, look at their listings and reach out to them to make your own connections, which could help you to add more sales leads to your pipeline.


Another crucial way of generating sales leads is through SEO and taking a look at your website. Some of the most important ways that you can help to generate more sales leads include adding keywords across your site that will be picked up by search engines, adding meta descriptions, and including optimised URLs.

Your landing page is one of the most crucial pages for including SEO, but it is also frequently where you will capture new leads so making sure it is all singing, all dancing, will help to retain them. Customers will only have a short attention span, so make it count. It may be that you add special offers or trials in this space.

Use beneficial software

This is where Tubular can help you. Join more than 2,000 businesses in managing your sales pipeline from one platform. You’ll be able to see what leads your team are working on, which ones look like they’ll turn hot, and can boost how much you’re interacting with clients. You’ll get an instant snapshot of how sales are looking without needing constant updates, meaning you’ll never lose site of the full picture. This can help you in improving sales retention. There’s no need to do your sales forecasting in the dark when there is easy-to-use software such as Tubular.


Your website is also crucial in getting any sales leads that land on it to make the final purchase, and considering what the sales journey is like can help you find ways to improve on this. It might include putting your product images above the initial fold on your landing page, ensuring your prices are easy to find, putting clear contact information next to products if the customer may need to get in touch, ensuring all your sales processes work and don’t require too much hassle, putting information on the site to show the payments are secure, and so forth.

Referral programme

Finally, you could also consider setting up a referral programme or ambassador scheme in which sales are referred between friends and colleagues. There needs to be some kind of incentive in place for them to do this, but it is also a great way of generating sale leads for your business that are typically very hot as they have come through word of mouth referrals. It’ll be a great way of building a community around your business.

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Posted on May 10, 2020 by Sean Miller