For a business to grow successfully, that business or its sales team must capture new leads, It’s that simple.

This acquisition can be challenging, but it is important to get a continual flow of new and fresh customers on board and keep your business or agency thriving.

There are several ways in which you can capture leads, here are a few Top Tips on Capturing leads.

Firstly it is important always to utilise all the communication channels available to you.

It’s possible to acquire customers through a number of means, so devise a strategy that incorporates all angles possible. At the same time, it is important to know your customer and where they will most likely find you in order to best target them.

From your social media accounts to website, text messages to newsletters, advertisements online to advertisements offline, there are many ways in which you can reach them effectively. Don’t let customers escape through cracks in your communications.

One of the key things to keep in mind is that consistency is king. The more your customer hears about you and sees what you are doing, the more they will trust you and remember your brand name. This relates to being consistent in how frequently you’re contacting your customers, but also in the branding you are using and the imagery. This will all help in the memorability of your company.

It is also important to be proactive in order for your marketing strategy to pay off. Make sure you are accessible, if a client or customer wants you on the phone, let them pick up the phone and speak to you, or that your contact details can be easily found. Start every conversation with a ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ and follow up on every enquiry. Additionally, pick up the phone and make your service appear friendly, personal and approachable. This will help you to turn your sales lead into a repeat customer.

It’s also important to discover what your leads and customers are like, what their behaviours involve, and how they engage with your business. The new DNA feature in Tubular allows you to add a Leads email address and it will automatically pull all the information it can find on that lead on the internet in seconds. A huge time saver!
This research will help you to capture a lead at the point that they are looking to use your product or service, and will enable you to understand what they are most interested in. Through producing compelling content, you will be able to get this interest and turn it into a lead.



With all of your content and marketing, whether this is blogs or social media posts, advertisements or videos, it is important that you incorporate a strong call-to-action into your posts in order to drive the attention and interest into a clear lead. These calls to action can be the difference between a customer simply browsing your site to them getting in touch with the intention of buying from you. It is important that your call-to-action is clear and direct, but not too overwhelming. The customer needs to feel guided towards your company, but not forced.

With your website, it is also important to keep in mind the value that SEO can have in gaining customers at the top of the funnel. In ensuring your website has been search-engine optimised, you are capturing customers through their online browsing habits and use of keywords. This is a way of converting them into a potential customer without them even realising it – it’s very much behind-the-scenes sales acquisition, in which your website is working for you, on your behalf. Through SEO, one of the benefits is that your customers will feel that they have found you, rather than the other way round, which can help in the buying process.

Ultimately, when capturing sales leads, you need to remain professional, honest, open and easy to contact. Customers will always buy on the value of customer service. How you make them feel matters. It isn’t just about getting the sales lead but taking it through to the final sale and then turning that into a repeat customer. Making your customer want to return to you will also see them spreading the word among family and friends. Make sure you always give them your top service, consistently and effectively. The results will be positive.



Posted on August 17, 2020 by Sean Miller