Modern day marketers are finding that not many tools can improve sales or capture leads better than pop-ups.

For any business, just having an opt-in pop-up can immediately increase their email opt-in, subscribers and leads.

If you are not optimising a pop-up, or worse not noticing a pop-up, it means users are leaving without any prompts or follow up. It’s hard to fix a lead generation system that misses out on a large portion of potential customers.

It’s a bit like inviting someone to your office and not talking to them!

However, opt-ins are a double-edged sword – We, the consumer, are getting wise to them and know that parting with our email address invites the marketing drip campaigns. Whether these campaigns are overly aggressive or just not relevant to us can be a huge turn off in terms of engagement.

Follow these four tips to ensure your pop-ups pique the interest of your users.

1- Your call to action (CTA) needs to be strong.

Requesting someone join a mailing list is not good enough. The point should be that the content is strong enough to entice the user and make them feel that they are receiving relevant content.

Originality is key. I like this pop-up from Switch playground

We all leave an exercise class wishing that we had the music on our playlist.

Now we do by entering our info into the pop-up.

It’s original, it’s enticing, and it’s not a generic invite to a mail list. Think how you can apply this to your business.


49% of all the pop-ups offer a lead magnet like an ebook, free content, tools, templates, promotions, or discounts. Think about how you can utilize this for your business.


2. Time your pop-ups correctly

There is nothing worse than getting halfway through an article and being interrupted by a pop-up. It is this sort of activity that leads to “banner-blindness,” so try to give your user 30-40 seconds on your website before hitting them with an offer.


3. People love Free Sh…Stuff

36% of all brands use the word free on their banner. Be it free time or free access to premium content like an e-book.


Again there is a slight catch in that the “free” stuff needs to be good. If you are not Tim Ferris, it can be hard to delivery quality daily content to a growing list, so it is best to give some thought to what your free offer is.

Free consultation always works as it offers a prime opportunity to upsell.


4. The arrogance test

This tactic really does work. A pop-up with a provocative question. Just look how a provocative statement like, “No Thanks, I prefer to pay full price for my clothing.” effects email capture rate.

One thing I would recommend is that the message fits in with the brand reputation, so if the brand is bold and punchy then, by all means, go ahead. Entice your audience. It works!!

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Posted on November 21, 2020 by Chris Miller