Complex sales can be confusing, and it can be a challenge for salespeople to remain motivated and focused. When their drive to prospect or follow-up potential leads goes, it can be disastrous for firms.

Research has found that salespeople often give up too quickly, as 80% of non-routine sales can require five or more follow-ups. However, 44% of salespeople will not return to a prospect after hearing the first ‘no’. A further 22% will give up on the second ‘no’. Only 8% of salespeople will continue with a prospect to the fifth follow-up.

This is one of the reasons why there are a limited number of excellent salespeople.

Too Many Tasks

Another serious challenge for salespeople is managing prospects at different stages of the buying cycle, as well as having numerous other tasks to complete. For instance, they might have to analyse the previous month’s sales results, prepare for future calls, finish proposals and possibly train new staff.

If the salesperson isn’t effective at shifting their focus, the sales process will become clogged, which will result in poorer sales results and diminished company revenue and growth.

Despite what is commonly believed, multitasking is not productive.

Making Time For Everything

Your sales team needs to understand that every part of the process is important. If there is no focus on the task they are undertaking at the moment, it will not be worthwhile.

It is easy for salespeople to be thinking about the next call, but by not concentrating on the here and now, they could risk missing out on vital and lucrative opportunities.

An example of this is a salesperson missing a vital piece of information on what a prospect is looking for in their service. If that information is not featured in further proposals or offers, then the prospect will likely look elsewhere.

How To Achieve Focus Within Your Sales Team

Achieving focus does not have to be done by the individual. You and your leaders can support your sales team to become more focused. Here are some practical ways you can get your sales team motivated.

1. Team Meetings

Team meetings should be held regularly, so everyone knows what is happening in the company, team and on an individual basis. Each member of the team should state what they’ve done and what they’re planning to do. Your team lead can help by instructing individuals on what is more important and highlight desired outcomes for each conversation.

2. Share Insights

Every conversation your salespeople has with a prospect contains a lesson. Whether there was a mistake made, or they found a customer appreciated certain language, product features, etc. By sharing these lessons learnt to the whole team – the team can improve its performance to achieve the best results.

3. Celebrate Small Wins

Every small win is important. They help to achieve the bigger wins. Team members need to know that the early wins are appreciated just as much as the larger, more impressive wins. Just a high-five or a small token can be all that is needed – but in the long-term, it can lead to greater things.

4. Celebrate Big Wins

Sales teams like to celebrate big wins. Decide how your team should celebrate their success. Some common ways to celebrate include drinks out, takeout or a round of applause. Decide what fits your organisation’s culture and make sure everyone can join in if they want to.

5. Rest When You Have A Break

Rest breaks are undervalued in many businesses. When it’s time for downtime, salespeople should be encouraged to step away from their desk and move to another location to relax. Resting helps to reset the mind, allowing your team to focus on important tasks when they return to their work.

The more motivated your team are, the better the results you will see in your business’ revenue and growth.

What tips do you have for focusing a sales team? Do you have any problems with this?

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Posted on September 23, 2019 by Sean Miller