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At Tubular, we are passionate about your sales team maximizing their sales potential. This week, you may have noticed since last logging into Tubular some awesome new features and visual upgrades that will assist your sales team in improving your organization’s sales pipeline

Lets get to the new features !

The 4 Key Metrics for your Sales team


4 Key Metrics for your deals.


In your Deal View you can now view the 4 key metrics, active deals, average deal value, success ratio of your customer, and average lifespan deal. All these new features provide you with key performance indicators to ensure your sales follow ups are prompt and relevant.


Contacts View

Our new contacts view, is now, awesome. By clicking on your Contacts you are able to view all your contacts pipelines, in addition to the 4 key metrics per contact.   All this information in one overview allows you to manage your contacts efficiently and successfully.




Organization View

We have also updated our Organisation view, It includes the addition of 4 key metrics and also a total pipeline value. In addition, a monthly success ratio chart is allocated to each organization. The improved view means you can now see a list of all associated contacts and your organisations pipeline list from a single screen.


Organization View Tubular


 Slack Integration

We don’t just like Slack ,We love it ! Therefore, what easier way to interact and chat with your team at the same time as seeing your sales pipeline progress. To integrate with Slack add you web-hook into the interrogations tab in settings.


Slack Integration Tubular


Cyfe Integration

Cyfe is an all in one Business Dashboard and with our new reports feature we offer you the ability see your sales pipeline in Tubular from your Cyfe Dashboard.

For more information on how to integrate the dashboard, all the information is available with the following link.

Some of the integrations have been  developed from our customer feedback, we hope you find these integrations as useful as some our current customers.



Posted on July 27, 2019 by Sean Miller