Slack, the app that started life as a messaging app for building an online game, has enviable growth statistics. Currently, Silicon Valley is placing bets on Slack becoming the next decacorn ($10 billion), due to its viral growth.

Stats like these back up the predictions:

  • 9 million active weekly users
  • 2 million paid accounts
  • 60,000 teams
  • An impressive annual recurring revenue of $200 million (USD)

Great! Good news for Slack. But how can your business best utilize the app?

Firstly, stop seeing Slack as a messaging app. It’s a platform for increasing business productivity, which, when used correctly, will change the way you manage your business strategies and operations.

Here are some tips to create a killer Slack strategy.

1. Keep it transparent

The days of sales professionals guarding their leads as though their lives depended on it are dying fast—software now manages leads and promotes transparency. This prevents the classic case of Sales Agent A leaving company X, and taking their address book of contacts and leads with them (in all likelihood to your competitor).

Firms are waking up to the fact that sales funnels are collaborative. In the agency world, designers, copywriters, and account executives work together to submit prototypes, wireframes, and mockups to the client before contracts are even signed.

We recommend syncing the Tubular and Slack webhook, so your entire lead generation platform is online, and your team receives notifications whenever a lead comes in via a website, cold call, exhibition, or whatever lead generation strategy you have in place.


2. Strategize on a Monday

Keep your team focussed and incentivized by pulling in daily, weekly, or monthly sales funnel statistics.

This provides a great instant snapshot to see where your sales funnel has any potential bottlenecks. Recognizing the bottlenecks makes it easier to create and implement a strategy to improve them.

Organize group meet-ups on Mondays, so you have the rest of the week to implement plans and efforts to nurture clients through the stages of your funnel.

If you need any tips on strategies to prevent a bottleneck, book a call here.

3. Unify your tasks, to-do lists, sales pipeline reports, and internal communications on one platform.


In a day and age when marketeers own your email inbox, it’s worth using Tubular and Slack as a platform to keep internal communication, tasks, to-do lists, and sales funnel reports together.  This one act should streamline the huge volume of company email “chit-chat” that clogs up your inbox.

Imagine: no more inbox overload.

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Posted on November 2, 2020 by Chris Miller